Finish and Care of your Jewellery
We are designers and manufacturers of individually handcrafted contemporary jewellery, holloware and flatware. Our designs naturally fall into two ranges:

LimeLight comes with its own nightlife. The majority of this range incorporates more expensive stones, gems and metals.

LimeJuice has day to day wearability with some pieces bridging day to night.

Occasionally, our creations begin their lives on paper but more often than not, they just evolve. Eventually, we intend to produce ‘limited editions’ of some items but our real passion is for producing one-off pieces which we hope will come to find their own unique place out there.

We are endeavouring to keep some of the more traditional methods of handmade artistry alive in a time where so much is mass produced. We hope that you will enjoy our designs knowing that they have been thoughtfully developed and creatively engineered by hand.

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